Prawn prices expected to hit 30-year high

The price of king prawns is tipped hit more than $50 per kilo this Christmas due to a terrible prawn farming season.

In Queensland, farms had to be shut down due to the re-emergence of the white spot disease.

Over $25 million worth of prawns had to be destroyed due to the disease.


Currently, prawns are about $5 more per kilogram this year, compared to last year.

Suppliers say if the prawns are cooked and frozen while the trawlers are at sea, the prawns are fine to keep in the freezer, otherwise, they won’t hold their flavour.

Manager of Charris Seafoods at Labrador, Jim Stamoudis, said trawlers aren’t catching big quantities at this time of year and expect prices to rise.

“It’s only a matter of time before the prawns get to the $50 dollar mark,” he told MyGC.

“They’re fetching in the mid-$30’s and heading towards the $40’s now, the bigger the prawn the bigger the price, unfortunately, that’s how it is.”

With only seven weeks until Christmas, we’re being advised to buy now and freeze them.

After white spot was found, the Federal Government enforced strict screening for prawns coming into the country, which greatly slowed them being brought to our shores.

New South Wales fishing industry is also partly to blame for the price spike, with the commercial fishing industry having smaller numbers of prawn boats out on the water this season.