Pregnant woman staged car crash for insurance payout

A heavily pregnant woman who staged a car accident for an insurance payout has been sentenced to a 13-month jail term, to be served as home detention.

On March 17, 2015, Ghenoua Fadel, 25, stuffed a pillow between her unborn child and a steering wheel before slamming her car into another vehicle, which had been strategically placed in the middle of a Sydney intersection by her husbands friend.

When emergency services arrived on scene, Fadel claimed she missed a stop sign and then crashed into the side of a moving car. However a nearby CCTV camera exposed her scam.


In the CCTV footage, crash investigators were shocked to observe that the car Fadel crashed into had been deliberately parked in the middle of the street just minutes earlier as part of a pre-planned insurance scam.

Fadel was today sentenced to 13-months home detention, which is subject to an assessment from Bankstown Community Corrections District Office.

Her accomplice’s case has been adjourned to December 17.

Following the ‘accident’ the pair attempted to claim close to $70,000 from insurers.