Prelim 7.1 magnitude quake strikes California

A POWERFUL preliminary magnitude 7.1 earthquake has struck Southern California.

The shallow quake was centered about 17km north-northeast of the town of Ridgecrest and was felt in Los Angeles, 240km away.

It comes just one day after a strong 6.4 magnitude quake rattled the region, triggering a State of Emergency and causing buildings to sway, fires to erupt and highways to crack.


The LA Fire Department has confirmed it has moved into “Earthquake Emergency Mode” following the latest tremor.

“Following widely felt earthquake activity in the greater Los Angeles area, LAFD is according to protocol, in Earthquake Emergency Mode,” the department said in a statement shortly after the quake.

“Fire department vehicles and helicopters are patrolling our 470 square-mile jurisdiction to identify any damage or emergency needs.

“Thus far, there are no early reports of significant damage or injury in the City of Los Angeles.”

Yesterday’s 6.4 magnitude quake was the strongest the hit the state in 20 years.

The quake was also centered near the town of Ridgecrest, home to about 28,000 people.

At the time, Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones warned there was a 50 per cent chance of another powerful quake occurring in the next week, with a 1 in 20 chance that a quake stronger than Thursday’s could hit in the next few days.

This is a breaking news article. No further information was available at the time of writing.