Palaszczuk announces new taskforces for missing children cases

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has ordered a whole-of-government review into how agencies react to missing or run-away foster children following the death of 12-year-old Tiahleigh Palmer.

Ms Palaszczuk says the principal commissioner of the Queensland Family and Child Commission will conduct the review.

“There is not a person throughout our state who is not touched by what has happened to this little girl … a little girl who was dropped off to school but never made it to school and never made it home,” Ms Palaszczuk said in parliament on Tuesday.


It comes after Bracehearts founder Hetty Johnson called for more to be done to fix the the Child Protection Act.

Ms Johnston says the six-day delay between Tiahleigh’s disappearance on October 30 and the police alert would have been due to laws restricting publicity about children in state care.

She says the restrictions on carers and parents when a foster child goes missing are actually making them targets for predators.

Ms Palaszczuk also announced a new police taskforce to tackle child exploitation.

Ms Palaszczuk says Taskforce Orion, recommended from the Queensland Organised Crime Commission of Inquiry’s recent final report, will work alongside existing Taskforce Argos.

“Headed by a detective inspector, it will tackle child exploitation activities and deliver a tactical operational response to these types of offences,” Ms Palaszczuk told parliament.