Premier confident border reopening won’t lead to fresh outbreak

The Premier has played down fears the reopening of Queensland’s borders on Friday will put the state at risk of a fresh COVID-19 outbreak.

It comes as Queensland once again recorded no new coronavirus cases.

The State’s total stands at 1068 with just two active cases, including one on the Gold Coast.


An 81-year-old man remains in the Gold Coast University Hospital, while an ADF officer tested positive while in quarantine after returning from overseas.

“Once again, congratulations Queensland, you should be incredibly proud of the great work you’re doing,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

“But of course, we’ve got to keep up that socially distancing and we’ve got to make sure we’re keeping up with the hand hygiene as well.”

More than 395,000 tests have now been carried out across Queensland since the beginning of the pandemic.

Queensland will begin welcoming back interstate travellers from Friday, with the exception of Victorians.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is confident Queensland can prevent more cases of coronavirus coming into the state.

“We have put in place very strong measures and these are the strong measures we’ve taken to protect Queenslanders’ health,” the Premier said.

“So there will be delays at our borders because we are going to get this right. We have to take these precautions, they are necessary precautions to keep Queenslanders safe.”

Ms Palaszczuk also issued a fresh warning to Victorians not to try and come to Queensland.

But the Premier has dismissed concerns about Victorians who managed to get into Queensland before mandatory hotel quarantine came into effect last Friday.

“There would be very few but once again, if there had been people come back before that cutoff it is very important that if you are sick you must contact authorities immediately.”

Despite being confident Queensland can avoid a Victorian-style outbreak when borders reopen, the Premier says we need to remain vigilant.

“It could happen anywhere and we’ve seen it happening right across the world.

“This is not unique and I think it shows that Australia is not immune to this so we need to be on our guard at all times and we need to make sure that as an individual we are taking actions to prevent the spread.”

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Seriously QLD!
Just visit any local shopping precinct and see how we are complying with the social distancing rules.
We all think we are immune from this virus now, business as usual.
Even seen people sneezing and coughing in supermarket isles etc.
Get ready for another lockdown soon.
It won’t happen to me mentality!!!