Premier confirms timelines for Adani approvals

QUEENSLAND Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has confirmed the environmental approvals for the controversial Adani coal mine will be completed in just a few weeks time.

“I know initially people thought this was months and what I’m announcing today is it’s in a matter of weeks,” Premier Palaszczuk told reports on Friday morning.

The Premier said the Black-throated Finch plan, which will protect the endangered animal which lives on the mine site, is due by May 31.


The groundwater management plan, which will need far more consideration, is due by June 13.

“This is good news. This is a breakthrough,” the Premier said.

It follows a meeting between Queensland government and Adani officials on Thursday, brought on by Labor’s disastrous result in Queensland during the federal election, which many attributed to the state government’s ongoing delays with the project.

“I want to thank all the parties for sitting down in good faith in the interest of Queenslanders to resolve these issues.

“The groundwater plans is dependent on CSIRO. The coordinator general is having detailed discussions with the CSIRO and I hope that the parties can work to those time-frames that we have announced today.”