Premier demands PM say ‘yes or no’ on regional quarantine

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is demanding the Federal Government give an answer on a regional quarantine camp for returned travellers.

A proposal has been put forward to house returned travellers at a purpose-built camp near Toowoomba Airport.

The camp could be up and running in as little as six weeks.


But the state government is yet to receive a definitive answer, frustrating the Premier.

“Really what we need to hear from the Commonwealth is are they interested or not? It’s a very simple question,” the Premier said.

“John Wagner has provided all of the details of his proposal to the Commonwealth. We have had lengthy discussions at a departmental level.

“It’s very fundamental. They are the people that have to allow the airlines to land into Well Camp so it is a very basic 101 question.”

Ms Palaszczuk welcomed moves to increase capacity at the Howard Springs quarantine facility outside Darwin but wants a decision on Queensland’s proposal.

She says we need to minimise the risk of the virus escaping from hotel quarantine in our major cities.

“We’re at a risky period now between now and the full vaccine rollout, so it’s really important.

“What we are seeing is like we had seven people in hotel quarantine. That’s the largest number we’ve had. So it is of some concern that we are still getting these different strains popping up in our hotels.”

But Prime Minister Scott Morrison says they are yet to see the complete plan.

“I need a detailed, costed proposal that the commonwealth could consider. There’s been a lot of going backwards and forwards, but as yet the commonwealth doesn’t have a costed proposal that we could actually consider,” Mr Morrison said.

“The hotel quarantine arrangements have always worked most effectively where they’re close to the major airports where the flights are coming and I think this is a very important point.

“The flights go to where they’re designated to go. Australia can’t just redirect flights, commercial flights, of airlines to go to other ports where they don’t have the ground crew and the other supports that go to supporting the aviation industry.”

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