Premier promises $755 million to kickstart second M1

The State Government has pledged $755 million to begin construction on a second M1, with the road project set to become a key election battle on the Gold Coast.

The funding would go towards the first stage of the Coomera Connector, a 16km stretch between Nerang and Coomera.

Construction could get underway as early as the middle of next year.


The Government’s promise is predicted to create 700 new jobs on the Gold Coast.

“It is a big day for the Gold Coast because we know how important it is with the road projects, with the infrastructure it delivers and how important it is to keep people in jobs,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told reporters on the Gold Coast on Sunday.

“This is what the Gold Coast community has been telling me they want, this is what my government has been working on and now our money is firmly on the table.

“This is fantastic news for the Gold Coast, it will ease the pressure on the M1 and it will means locals can get around faster, easier on the Gold Coast.”

But the promise depends on the Federal Government matching the funding.

The Premier has urged the Federal Treasurer to include money for the project when he hands down the Federal Budget next month.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey described the announcement as a ‘momentous’ day for the Gold Coast.

“(On) the northern Gold Coast we see huge population growth and infrastructure is really needed to keep up with that population growth,” Mr Bailey said.

“It’ll mean a 16km stretch all the way from the AFL Stadium to the marine precinct at Coomera.”

The issue of a second M1 is set to play a major role in next month’s election with the LNP also committing to building the Coomera Connector.

However, its plan would see a 4-lane arterial road built in three stages, starting with a smaller stretch between Shipper Drive at Coomera and the Gold Coast Highway at Helensvale.

Minister Bailey says that would spell bad news for Gold Coasters.

“It’s a pathetic 6km section that will dump 60,000 vehicles on the Gold Coast Highway through Biggera Waters, Labrador, Southpor and Parkwood.

“It will choke that area with gridlock. They don’t know what they’re doing.”

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“This is what the Gold Coast community has been telling me they want”? I was never asked, but I was told my home of 40 years will be buzz-dozed next year to make her look good. The more roads, the more cars that fill them up. The cycle will never end until the earth is covered in bitumen.

This second M1 is not what most Gold Coast residences want, as it would be built through hundreds of existing homes. Traffic is not very bad like other cities in most parts between coomera and nerang unless there is an accident or bad weather, this could happen anywhere in all major cities.
New houses are built in areas in Arundel and Helensvale south and this new highway would destroy many of their lives as its proposed to be within 10m of their beautifuly designed homes.

The current Qld Governement is wanting a extra $770m from the Federal after the Coronavirus pandemic is creating Australia to be in Recession doesnt make sense at all, other than a polictical stunt before next months ellection.

Goodluck for everyone between Helensvale and Nerang. Lets change goverment and opt. for the shorter 6km proposal that would not create massive problems for Locals who live in this area.

This is a terrible stunt by Labour, how can you trust politicians that lie, they have lied about the results of their public consultation, the Gold Coast does not want the Coomera connector,
It will destroy the quality of life for families living along its route, families that live within a few metres of the road.

10 more years of road works at 80 kph, blow outs in the funding and all on borrowed $$$ with no plans on how its going to be paid for.
Well guess what, the budget to be announced by Labor just after the election will shock all residents living in QLD and cost them much more than a few homes and parklands in is way.
The sell off / out will begin in 2021.

Finally some progress on the Gold Coast – people the travel along the M1 anytime between 7am to 9.30am and then from 2pm through to 6pm will know how desperately needed this road is. Yes some people will be inconvenienced, yes there will be disruption, but this is a major boost for the Gold Coast. It will not be going through hundreds of homes – check the plans. And if people complain – this road has been earmarked for 20+ years. It’s not a new idea so if you bought there, well…

Hi you are right a road has been planned in this corridor for many years but not a 6 lane highway plus, plus that will generate lots of noise, fumes and dust.
Actually you are wrong about finally there is progress, this is just a con by the labour government, nothing is agreed.

Ha Ha this road should of been fixed years ago.How many years has labour been in government this premier wants the federal government to pay for everything so she can keep giving her workers bonuses.

This road is desperately needed and should run all the way to the Logan Motorway as what was gazetted. We need this motor way to ease congestion now and into the future as south east QLD continues to grow. I am in Coomera and the traffic noise will certainly be herd from my house but we always new this was coming and we chose to live where we do knowing this.
The current M1 was designed to carry traffic until 2021 and what was originally called the heavy vehicle arterial ( I think ) was always going to come into play.

If TMR actually drove up and down the highway multiple times a day they would actually get something correct on the roads for once and be able to fix the M1 instead of wasting all of our tax payers money on a 2nd Highway
The Coomera connector will only amplify the issues, as people who currently work from home, carpool or catch public transport will all think oh traffic isn’t that bad I can just drive. This will lead to even worse roads on the M1, it will also cause
Bottle necking at onramps and off ramps,
The speed won’t be 110km/h
And it’s a much further distance to travel than the M1
If they asked drivers use the highway 3,4,5 times a day and have down for decades we would all say what needs to happen is
– better signage to allow people time to merge across as we all know merging is a major issue
– mobile phone detection cameras all along the highway so people are no longer distracted and can actually move across safely to the exit with plenty of time instead of cutting across 5 lanes of traffic
– speed cameras a lot more regularly across the highway to stop crazy fast drivers but also the cars doing 60-80km/h trying to get onto the highway when we are all doing 110km/h
– larger onramps and off ramps (also longer lasting sets of lights to get people off the highway faster.
– yearly vehicle inspections to ensure cars are up to scratch
Really simple solutions that would cost 2.4billion estimate which will be blown out to 4 billion easily

Last edited 8 months ago by Tyson