Premier sympathises with businesses but borders to stay shut

The Premier insists she “understands” the plight of Queensland businesses whose recovery is being hampered by prolonged border closures.

But Annastacia Palaszczuk insists she won’t be bringing forward any decisions on reopening the State.

It comes as Queensland records another day of no new coronavirus cases, with just three active cases across the State.


The State Government has been accused of being out of touch with businesses across Queensland, especially on the Gold Coast, who are facing financial ruin while the border stays shut.

Government lawyers defending a High Court challenge to the border closure have refused to admit that the measure is causing financial hardship to businesses.

That’s further enraged people on the Gold Coast, with business leaders labelling the claim as “ludicrous”.

Annastacia Palaszczuk says she feels for those businesses, but the border will be staying shut at least until the end of June.

“We understand that businesses are doing it tough, I understand that, I speak to people regularly, they write in to me, they send emails, I’ve been there first hand,” The Premier said.

“We’re in Stage two, in Stage two it does not talk about interstate travel, I have made it absolutely clear that we’ll be looking at that at the end of the month as we enter stage three.”

The Premier says the slowdown in cases in New South Wales is good news, but not enough to convince her to reopen our borders.

“There is still some community transmission in Victoria, there are still some 360 active cases, but it is very encouraging that New South Wales is starting to see zero cases and of course, all of that will feed into national cabinet that meets on Friday then our clear decision making which will be made by the end of the month.”

Ms Palaszczuk also wouldn’t be drawn on what further restrictions could be eased next month or whether last weekend’s Black Lives Matter rally will see them postponed.

“My understanding is that national cabinet will of course look at the results across Queensland, we will also look at those results of the mass rallies that happened across the nation as well, and of course where we can ease further restrictions we will do so, and I think the end of the month gives us a really good signal, a really good point in time about how much further we can ease restrictions.”

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Our premier has had every job in her life given to her by the Labor Party, & paid for by tax payers – us.
& she understands owning your own business & going broke, not likely. Remember she didn’t know the GST is 10%

I disagree with this line of thinking as already QLD is disadvantaged with other borders already open especially for the Holidays. This is Australia not a separate country. Too many businesses here are already disadvantaged and hurting.
All Australians should be free to travel anywhere to see family in other states and not restricted at this point in time.

I. Hope people remember her stand when the elections are here ??

Awesome, Anastasia. Important to put human lives above money – stay strong!

And just like that, the accidental premier (thanks to the epic hubris and stupidity of Campbell and the LNP) would rather forgo her party’s chances at this year’s state election than to be compassionate and reasonable to people who live by the border.

She won and will win again !

aren’t you just a f***ing idiot

Can’t wait till the elections, she’s a gonna!!
Absolutely gutless. Such hypocrisy in light of the protests last weekend

No chance

My good what is wrong with this premier.
Why isn’t reason being used to make logical decisions and open the border back up. The CMO of Australia has stated there is no medical justification to keep the border shut.

This government is so far out of touch with reality and it’s citizens, it is beyond contempt for us and business now to just stupid.

I work in travel on the Gold Coast and we have lost 90% of our revenue. We just want a chance to see if we can make the business survive but can’t even get a chance to do that with the boarders shut.

Why is it ok to let protesters do what ever they want but restrict the needs of the rest of us.

Shame on you premiere

You and your family are alive . Better than money !

Just how long would you want to keep the borders closed??? This virus isnt going away, we need to learn how to live with it. Everything we do comes with a risk, we can’t live wrapped up in cotton wool!

What risk is there to opening the borders back up? none.

Its easy to make online line smug comments when you are not impacted, its not a choice between lives and money.

If this was the case why aren’t you banging on about banning smoking, cars, illicit drug use. All these things have killed far more people in Australia and yet nothing from idiots like you.

People will die due to these lock down, how many miss diagnosed people will die from cancer, heart issue and other health issues?

You don’t give a s***, you are just being a smart ass troll.

Keeping the border closed is a joke! Did anyone notice that a Queensland man died on a NSW beach… very sad but why was he allowed to be in NSW surfing. I have to cross to Qld daily for work and the queue is becoming longer each day. Last week I was following a car with Victorian Rego it contained 4 young men none in work gear all looking very casual, not an eye batted as they crossed. I am aware of Queensland residents traveling to Sydney and another group to Coffs Harbour, all to just return to Queensland no questions asked. She is not fully informed or has any real control on the situation. Too simple to get a pass, time consuming to those who need to travel for genuine reasons and costing the state millions in what it costs to keep it manned and lost of income for the Gold Coast businesses! Time for the joke to end it is no longer funny! Never was!

This Premier is an idiot, anyone that votes Labor has to be on there payroll or employed by the public service.

Its simple don’t vote for these fools and they wont be able to impact your lives.

The premier is an idiot, you’re a fool if you vote for her and labor.

Our Premier is acting irrational to her demise.

She should then be stopping the Queenslanders leaving Queensland. She should go to Byron Bay or the northern NSW beaches and have a look at them all down there every weekend. It’s a joke when she says “no interstate travel” and she’s not controlling her own people. Anyone can print out one of those stupid passes and just get waved through. Dozens of coppers sitting around doing nothing, I’m sure there is more important things for them to be doing.

Well then put your money where your mouth is , take a 50% pay cut you and all mp’s and senior public servants in QLD , and give the funds to the businesses you are ruining