Premier’s popularity peaks ahead of Qld election

The Queensland election campaign will ramp up today, with the latest poll showing Labor in a prime position to claim victory.

Newscorp’s latest You Gov poll shows the Premier’s popularity has grown substantially during the coronavirus crisis.

2,000 Queenslanders were surveyed, with Labor leading the LNP 52 to 48 percent on a two-party preferred basis.


While Labor’s primary vote has also risen to 37 percent.

Both the Premier and the opposition leader Deb Frecklington have ruled out doing any deals with minor parties, if they’re to fall short on October 31.

Ms Frecklington has assured Sunrise it won’t happen.

“There have been no deals, in fact I announced that over 2 years ago. There will be no deals.

“Now Queenslanders deserve a majority LNP government, and that’s exactly what I’m offering.

“We’re offering vision, ambition, and a bit of hope. But most importantly jobs, major projects like the new Bradfield scheme, building the second M1 and of course four-laning the Bruce.

“It’ the LNP that knows that infrastructure projects like water, dams and bridges – they actually create jobs, and if we can grow our economy, here in this state.

“Well we can fix up the health and education system as well,” Ms Frecklington said.

While we’re being promised that no deals have been done, the LNP has announced that they will be preferncing One Nation and the Greens in every seat above the Labor Party, for the first time ever in either state or federal politics.

Labor Senator Murray Watt has slammed the move as a massive risk to the Queensland economy at a time when we need stability.

Senator Watt has asked for a please explain from the Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Canberra this morning.

“How does Mr Morrison explain that his party in Queensland is preferencing – in every single seat across Queensland – a party that has accused domestic violence survivors of fabricating their stories, that has spent decades vilifying Asians and Muslims and other Australians and has lined up with anti-vaxxers during and before the COVID pandemic?

“How does Mr Morrison explain that decision of his party in Queensland? How does Mr Frydenberg explain the decision of his party in Queensland to preference an anti-Semetic party in every single [seat] in Queensland?” Senator Watt said.

The state government is yet to release its budget, which is due out a week before the October 31 date.

The LNP is also yet to release its costings.

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The 2000 surveyed are the ones sitting at home collecting welfare whilst the rest are out trying to make a living.
Get real and vote this labor mob out.
Any party except labor.

I’m not at home and not collecting benefits. I now work as a volunteer and can live fairly easily because I am prepared to change my lifestyle. I’ve stopped buying things I don’t need, and stopped living in the past. .Get real and accept this woman has been doing her best to keep us safe even in the face of adversity and bullying. Let’s see if she wins and if she doesn’t, then you can sit back and smugly say I told you so. (Don’t think that is going to happen though). If she loses, then I will publicly apologise to you.