Premier’s warning to Qlders in NSW: ‘Return home now’

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has urged Queenslanders to seriously consider abandoning their holidays in New South Wales, warning they should return home now.

It comes amid growing concerns about the COVID outbreak in New South Wales.

The cluster in Sydney’s east has grown to 110 after 30 new local cases were reported on Sunday.


Greater Sydney and surrounding areas have begun a 14-day lockdown while restrictions have been imposed in regional parts of New South Wales.

But there are serious concerns about people from Sydney who may already be holidaying in regional New South Wales alongside Queenslanders.

It’s also feared Queensland’s current border restrictions to Greater Sydney may have to be extended at a moment’s notice.

The Premier is calling on Queensland residents to come home.

“We’re in school holidays and I cannot be clearer – we are urging Queenslanders do not go to New South Wales,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“If you are holidaying at the moment in New South Wales you should reconsider that and think about returning home.

“What is happening in New South Wales is very, very concerning. We haven’t seen the likes of this before because this is the highly contagious strain.”