PREPARE NOW: Gold Coasters told to get ready for storm season amid alarming stats

Gold Coasters are being urged to get their emergency kits sorted now, after alarming statistics show that almost half of us never prepare for disaster.

The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed we’re in for a La Nina weather system, which has the potential for 15 tropical cyclones to form in Australia.

RACQ says it recorded 4,049 insurance claims for storm damage for the Gold Coast over the last three years, but expects that to increase with the wilder weather.


Spokesperson Lucinda Ross says locals need to be better prepared.

“Shockingly, our data shows people in the Gold Coast region are leaving their preparation until it’s too late. You can’t begin planning for a storm when it’s already bearing down on you, and we know this year could be disastrous,” Ms Ross said.

“It’s not just about tidying up your property and putting away loose items, it’s so much more than that.

“Emergency plans require thought and communication with everyone in your household and emergency kits need plenty of careful consideration – they might become life-saving if disaster strikes.

“If you’re packing your kit while lightning is striking and thunder clashing, you’re likely to forget something important,” Ms Ross said.

Even more concerning for the insurer, was the latest stats that show almost half of Gold Coast residents never create an emergency kit or plan.

“Putting a plan together now could make all the difference in a severe storm,” she said.

“Just think, if you had to leave home in an emergency, what would you take, where would you go, who would collect the kids, pets and any items you can’t live without like prescription medication, food, water and nappies for those with babies?

“Half an hour of planning today could make all the difference this summer,” Ms Ross said.