President Obama leads tributes to Muhammad Ali

Ten thousand people are expected to line the streets of Muhammad Ali’s hometown as the boxing and civil rights hero is farewelled.

The three-time world heavyweight champion died in hospital on Saturday at the age of 74, surrounded my family.

A hero both inside and outside the ring, Ali will be remembered with a week-long celebration in Louisville, Kentucky.


The father of nine had planned his own final tribute, which will include a procession through his childhood neighbourhood.

A memorial service will be led by eulogies from former US President Bill Clinton and comedian Billy Crystal.

Ali’s passing, following a three-decade battle with Parkinson’s disease, has been met with an outpouring of grief from across the world.

Fellow boxers, including George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson and Jeff Fenech all spoke of their respect for ‘The Greatest’.

While President Barack Obama (main picture) said the “world is better” for Ali “fought for what is right”.