President of Fowl Breeders Assoc guilty of cockfighting

A QUEENSLAND grandfather and President of the Oxford Game Fowl Breeders Association has completed his fall from grace.

Frank Robert Huskisson appeared in the Gympie Magistrates Court on Tuesday, on cock-fighting related offences.

Mr Huskisson pleaded guilty to four counts of possessing spurs used for cockfighting, where  two cock birds fight each other, often to the death, while spectators bet on the outcome.


The man-made spurs (pictured below) are sharp blades that are fixed to the animals leg, replacing the natural spurs which are often removed.

Image: Supplied | RSPCA

Mr Huskisson copped a $3,000 fine, with 50% of that to go to the RSPCA and was also ordered to pay $1,500 in legal costs.

He was also placed on a 2 year prohibition order where he’ll be unable to own any type of fowl, but no conviction was recorded.

The secretary of the Oxford Game Fowl Breeders Association, along with a former president, and another member have recently been prosecuted for similar charges.