Pressure bandage attributed to saving man’s life after brown snake bite

A PRESSURE bandage is being attributed to saving the life of a man who narrowly escaped death after being bitten by an “angry” seven-foot snake, thought to be a deadly king brown, on a farm in Central Queensland.

The 34-year-old Charters Towers man was on his motorbike, mustering cattle on a property near Clermont, 270km southwest of Mackay, on Saturday morning when he rode over the highly venomous reptile around 8am.

The snake, estimated to be more than two metres long, reared up and latched onto the man’s leg, sinking its fangs through his jeans and into his lower right leg.


RACQ CQ said the snake didn’t let go, causing the man to fall from his bike with the reptile’s fangs still in his leg.

He managed to pry the snake off his leg before alerting nearby workers who called triple zero.

“He fell off the bike but actually had to grab the snake’s head to pull it off his calf,” a spokesperson for RACQ CQ said.

“He wasn’t in good shape with chest pains and feeling very unwell when we picked him up in the chopper.

“Fortunately, a pressure immobilisation bandage was applied immediately and this correct first aid might just have saved his life.”

The man was airlifted to hospital by The Central Queensland RACQ rescue helicopter | Source: RACQ CQ Rescue

The man was airlifted to hospital by The Central Queensland RACQ rescue helicopter | Source: RACQ CQ Rescue

The man, who was showing signs of envenomation including excruciating chest pain, was treated by paramedics before being airlifted to Mackay Base Hospital by the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter.

Thanks entirely to the immediate action of those first on the scene, the man escaped death was in a stable condition when he arrived at hospital.

Although it’s not clear exactly what species of snake bit the man, it is thought to have been a mulga snake, or “king brown” as they are more commonly called.

According to the Brisbane Times, the snake was so big, it took the man’s entire hand span to grab its head and yank it off his leg.

The man was the third snake bite patient to be airlifted to hospital by RACQ CQ in six weeks.

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