Prime Minister backs Qld’s bid for 2032 Olympics to IOC

The Queensland Premier and Prime Minister have joined forces in a rare moment of unity, in a brief presentation to the International Olympic Committee.

Scott Morrison delivered a short video message to an IOC session overnight, confirming that Australia is behind the bid to get the 2032 Olympics to southeast Queensland.

It comes after Queensland was dubbed the preferred candidate for the event, thus entering exclusive negotiations with the IOC.


During their session overnight, the Prime Minister said that all levels of government are behind the bid.

“Every level of Government is working together to deliver Brisbane 2032,” he said.

“We will leave nothing to chance as we work with you.

“We want to be a trusted partner, a certain partner in uncertain times.

“It would be a greater honour for Australia to once again host your Games.”

It puts Brisbane, Queensland and Australia one step closer to locking in the event.

It’s understood the panel has also discussed hosting some of the events in Sydney, to take advantage of more existing venues.

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