Prime Minister not allowed to skip hotel quarantine in Qld ahead of election

The Prime Minister now won’t be coming into Queensland ahead of the state election, with the government refusing to waive the mandatory hotel quarantine requirement.

Scott Morrison was expected to stand by Queensland’s LNP Leader Deb Frecklington during parts of her campaign, but that’s now been ruled out.

Queensland Health says while the Prime Minister would be granted an exemption to come into the state, he wouldn’t be able to bypass the quarantine period.


That means he’d be made to pay for two weeks of quarantine at a Queensland Hotel, something that he’s indicated he won’t be able to do.

“We have parliament sitting through all of that. And we are doing the budget as well so whether I was ever going to get to Queensland anyway as a sort of secondary issue,” the Prime Minister told Sunrise this morning.

“I have a federal responsibility. But I should be subject to the same rules like everybody else.

“I don’t think there should be double standards about these things. I think the same rules should apply.

“And I’ve head of the hardship from people first hand about what these things have been meaning for people.

“We have got to get this resolved and we have got to get his borders down eventually,” the Prime Minister said

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Well s*** me he is the PM and should be exempt. He will have been tested and let him come

WOW not even the prime minister now.
The leader of our country cannot travel into QLD.
Understand the rule imposed on us by the labor government but really when we cannot have our Australian elected leader into the state we have a problem.
Time for Australians to get rid of these over paid political and bureaucratic State infrastructures and have one true leader who runs the country in the best interests of the people of Australia.
If we got rid of 20% of this State bureaucracy we could fund new hospitals, roads, schools, emergency services and welfare for those who really need it for the next 5 years without raising any taxes.

couldn’t agree more drain the swamp

She is a case just like her cabinet. All this premier does is think of herself.Get rid of premiers have one leader for all Australians. Our grandchildren will be paying for her debt for ever.

Now that thet borders are opening for ACT flights, he can come up now.

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