Prime Minister powers on with domestic vaccine passport proposal

The Prime Minister’s not backing down from plans to let vaccinated Australians be exempt from snap border closures.

That’s despite two State Premiers disagreeing with his proposal last week.

Scott Morrison wants Australians to have a ‘domestic vaccine passport’, which will allow those who are fully vaccinated to fly in and out of Covid-19 hotspots without having to quarantine.


Both the New South Wales and Queensland Premiers have said that Australians should not have to have a passport to get around their own country.

However, the Prime Minister insists more discussions need to be had and will present the idea to National Cabinet this week.

It could persuade Aussies to get the jab sooner rather than later, allowing most to be protected by the end of the year.

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He can stick that idea where the sun dont shine…they cant police the borders – they tried and people went via the beach etc…it just wont work…

I agree. All is he doing is trying to distract from the problem of buying the wrong vaccine. He wants that one to go away. Just for general info, my GP told me yesterday that the pfizer vaccine is stronger than the AstraZenica so gives more protection. Nor did he try to persuade me to be vaccinated and admitted that neither vaccine was effective against the new strains that are arriving from India. It’s all a cover up to fool us into a false sense of security. Nor does Morrison understand the meaning of democracy. He is fast becoming another Trump.

Last edited 22 days ago by deke

Disgusting basically forcing the country to get covid vaccinated, with ultimatams get vaccinated or don’t travel, I would say he is going to use this for flying too.
Just like if you don’t vaccinate your children you loose CCB and other various forms of payments.
It’s soooooo wrong, so much for freedom of life or speech! Disgusting

Why is it wrong? If you are unvaccinated why should you be able to fly in and out of hotspots putting others at risk because of your selfishness?
And it is not soooooooo wrong to expect payments to be stopped because you don’t want to vaccinate your child yet you don’t give a sh!t about other people’s children.