Prime Minister proposes domestic ‘vaccine passports’ for Australians

The Prime Minister has hinted at the idea of domestic vaccine passports, as Australia continues the vaccine rollout.

It would allow people who’ve been fully vaccinated to travel without the risk of quarantine, even if they’ve been in an area with a Covid-19 outbreak.

Scott Morrison says the system is already being used in other countries.


“The United States is an example, but all countries are finding their way here, and we’ll learn from experience overseas where we think it’s valuable,” the Prime Minister said in Canberra last night.

“But we’ll always test that against Australian conditions and our own medical advice.”

States and territories are already being urged to support the introduction of the passport if it’s ever introduced. It’s understood all would have to agree to it for the passports to become operational.

Labor has already come out and said it’s a pointless plan at the moment, given the slow vaccine rollout and ‘inadequate’ quarantine programs.


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Thanks, go to know that I will stay within NSW permanently now. I have been boycotting all states for a while. It’s very sad that we have broken up into 8 countries in Australia. I will review the Australian Consitution again. ✔️👍

As a conservative, ScoMo just lost my vote. It’s rare I found myself agreeing to the Labor party on just this issue! Bye ScoMo nice knowing you.

We in Australia have turned into Nazi Germany! When is the next rocket to Mars? 🚀🚀🚀

scum mo can stick his idea where the sun don’t shine. There will be civil war because most people don’t want the vax and are not buying into the government BS.

what a joke…its only the beginning of crap to come if we go down this path

What a joke…forcing people…its like keeping waving candy in front of a child only to take away…if u want to hurt the economy, SCOMO is on the right track….if this happens, we aa a nation will be divided and worse is yet to come.

I bet $100 ScoMo doesn’t get one! 😆🤣😀😂

Would that be the same medical advice that resulted in us buying the wrong vaccine to begin with? Most of us are already traveling throughout Australia, and the vaccine passport is of no use overseas or for anyone returning from overseas. It’s a crock of sh*t to encourage us to use up dubious vaccine stocks and make us look good in the world. Meanwhile, other countries are looking at our vaccine take up and laughing their heads off at Australia’s inadequency to sort this out.

So sad to think we are losing our rights. We might as well all be hermits. People who live on borders of different states can just hibernate for the rest of their life.
I don’t want the jab even though I’m 74 years old. I know what I put into my body and don’t want some foreign matter put into it.