Prince Harry and Meghan share controversial Father’s Day photo

A seemingly innocuous photo showing baby Archie wrapping his tiny hand around his father’s middle finger has divided royal followers.

Prince Harry and wife Meghan shared the sepia image on their Instagram page overnight, as parts of the world celebrated Father’s Day.

The photo, where Harry’s hand partly obscures Archie’s face, was loved by thousands for its intimacy and capture of a moment all parents marvel in.


However, others criticised the couple for not showing “the whole Archie”.

“Hope we will receive a full picture of the little one. Strange they are hiding his face from the public after all this time showing off her baby bump,” one follower wrote.

Another had a completely different theory all together: “Meghan picked this pic because it subtly looks like they are jointly giving the finger to everyone. And therefore it’s the best and she’s brilliant.”

A majority thought the photo was “adorable”, “heartfelt” and “precious”, with some also pointing out how much the youngest royal looks like his father.

Prince William also took to social media to wish all a Happy Father’s Day, sharing a photo of himself with Prince Louis, as well as one with his father, Prince Charles.