Prisoners want Daniel Morcombe’s killer Brett Cowan dead

IT has been revealed the man who abducted and murdered Sunshine Coast teenager Daniel Morcombe has a bounty on his head, with fellow inmates reportedly “chomping at the bit” to “knock him off”.

An unidentified ex-inmate told the Courier Mail the convicted child killer and sex offender would not survive the remainder of his term at the Wolston Correctional Facility.

The ex-con said “prison rules” meant inmates had no other choice but to either kill Cowan, or face being killed themselves.


“It’s kill him or be killed in there – that’s how it works,” the unnamed source told the Courier Mail. “There’s no way he gets out of there alive – every time another bloke gets a chance, they have a crack at him.”

“I hope the public knows that he’s not getting an easy ride in there – it is a living hell for him.”

The man told the newspaper whoever “knocks him off” (kills Cowan) would be celebrated as “national heroes”.

Cowan has been placed back into protective custody after he was doused in boiling water and bashed over the head with a mop bucket upon being released into general population.

Fellow inmate Adam Paul Davidson stands accused of the attack. He was charged and reportedly told a magistrate last week he “did it for the people”.

The convicted child killer was left permanently disfigured following the attack.