Promising future for Gold Coast Show after another successful year

The Gold Coast Show has wrapped up after another massive weekend at the Broadwater Parklands.

While the numbers are still being crunched, organisers say the show is at least on par with last year’s crowds.

This year, the new footprint was trialled, with land in the north of the Broadwater Parklands utilised to ensure all the attractions were in one place.


Early on, organisers did notice that the spread-out footprint meant a lot of walking for patrons, but minimised the impact with a little train shuttling show-goers between the northern and southern areas.

The Sideshow Alley was a huge hit, with the popular Bertie Beetle show bag sold out half way through the second day – despite getting another batch shipped in.

Gold Coast Show CEO Lavinia Rampino told myGC it was overall a success, though there are still things to work on.

“The traffic situation we’ll have to look out, trying to find extra parking and better ways for people to get there.

“Getting people up to the northern end, we might have to put an extra little train going up and down.

“I think that little train driver was very well utilised.

“A few things we’ve learnt from this year that we’ll put into use for next year… but the general feedback that we’ve had is that it’s been a great show,” Ms Rampino told myGC.

With no major problems or incidents to report, Ms Rampino is confident that once the small things are ironed out for the Broadwater Parklands, the next three years and beyond will be just as successful.

“Another three years we will do at the Broadwater Parklands with the current footprint, then we’ll look beyond that and see if we can get a showground permanent site for the show and all the other events,” Ms Rampino said.

If the show was to be moved to a more official showground area in future, Ms Rampino says she can’t promise it’ll remain free to attend.

“Whilst it’s at the Broadwater – it will stay free, but in the future – who knows.

“It could stay at the Broadwater forever, it could be located somewhere else under a different structure…

“We don’t know, but while it’s at the Broadwater it’s definitely going to be free,” Ms Rampino said.

“As much as I love the Broadwater, and I think it’s an amazing location…

“I think a showground would be sensational, just because of all the other elements we can have at a showground, including other festivals and events.

“So I think for the community angle, yes, definitely having a showground is a much better way to go,” Ms Rampino said.