Proof that America’s health system is insane

Every now and then, I read a statement that stops me in my tracks.

And I mean this quite literally – I’m often reading stories on my phone, and when something floors me so, I will stop what I’m doing and stand still so I can fully concentrate on the truth bomb about to explode all around me.

This week, the truth bomb surrounded health care in the United States.


The article was about Matthew Tache. Matthew is a haemophiliac, which means his body lacks the ability to make blood clots.

Fifty years ago, he wouldn’t have survived beyond early childhood; back in the 1960s, life expectancy for haemophiliacs was around 11 years of age.

Now, thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, he could go on to have a long and healthy life.

But it will come at a cost.

The drugs Matthew uses to combat his haemophilia will cost, over his lifetime… wait for it… Are you ready?

Okay: it’s going to cost a whopping US$25 million, or around $500,000-$700,000 per year, to keep him alive.

Fortunately for Matthew, the drugs are all covered by insurance.

When you dive deeper into the numbers of this massive healthcare rort, they’re mind-boggling.

In Oregon, the state spends about US$21 million per year on drugs to treat its 260 residents who are haemophiliacs.

And in California in 2015, the state paid US$57 million over a three-year period for haemophilia drugs – to treat just one child.

I’m not saying that child should have been denied treatment. But I am suggesting there is something truly messed up about the American health ‘care’ system!

When you dive into the corruption… the deals that are made to profit off this illness… The free gifts and holidays given to patients, if they decided to use a particular drug brand…

Well, it makes you wonder. The system appears to be corrupt beyond recognition. It has reached a point it can never come back from. Trump’s repeal and replace of ObamaCare matters not, because when companies are allowed to profit off of illness to these extremes, it shows that the entire health system is rotten to the core.

It certainly makes me more than happy to pay a little extra for our Medicare coverage!