Proof that good always triumphs over evil: Orlando rallies around victims

Images of people lining up to donate blood to victims of the horrifying mass shooting in Orlando, Florida will restore your faith in humanity.

Following Sunday’s tragic mass shooting which left 50 people dead and 53 injured, an Orlando blood bank put out a call, urgently asking people to donate blood.

“Please share! There is an urgent need for O Negative, O Positive and AB Plasma blood donors following a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida,” the local organisation wrote on their Facebook page.


“Dozens of people have been injured and taken to area hospitals. The need for blood continues. All eligible O Negative, O Positive and AB donors are urged to please donate today.”

The community instantly responded, with the blood bank later taking to social media to reveal that they were at capacity for blood donations for the day.

“A tremendous response by blood donors in light of the tragic mass shooting in Orlando. We are asking donors to donate over the next several days to help replenish the blood supply. We are asking people please make an appointment online. Thank you!”

The inspiring photos, which were posted to Twitter, also show volunteers hydrating and feeding people waiting in blood donation lines up to a mile long.

This is proof that good ALWAYS triumphs over evil.