Proof you should join a gym in December

I noticed something at the gym this morning.

I do group training classes at F45 and on any given Monday, there’s usually 20-25 people sweating through the 9.15am class. We’re all mums, mainly, who have just dropped the kids to school and now have 45 precious minutes of free time, which we’ve dedicated to our own health goals as we try and reign in the damage that pregnancy and child rearing have caused to our bodies.

This morning, there was a bit of a dip in attendance. Quite a dip, really. There were only 14 of us.


“Yes, it’s a quiet morning today,” our trainer said as someone mentioned the lack of attendance during warm up.

“Our challenge finished yesterday and the numbers have dropped off instantly. It happens every time…”

Ah – the challenge. Now it all makes sense.

Over the last 8 weeks, gym-goers across the Gold Coast have been battling it out to win a car, with whoever has lost the most weight scoring the new wheels. Now that the competition is over and the pressure is off, people are falling back into their old less-frequent gym routines.

It sucks for them, because they’re wasting money on gym memberships they’re barely using.

But it’s honestly awesome for the rest of us. The gym is quieter, there are less people to stumble over when switching exercises, and we’re all getting more attention from the trainers.

When I settled into my work desk after a nice long post-gym shower, I realised that the full month of December is likely to be quiet. After all, as LifeHacker’s Beth Skwarecki writes:

“In December, fair-weather gym-goers will be off shopping for gifts after work and attending holiday parties on the weekends. When you arrive, the squat rack will be free. You’ll have your choice of treadmills. The gym will be your oyster.”

So, if you’re considering joining a gym in the new year, the hot tip is to get a jump start on your fitness goals and join up now, in December. If you can squeeze in just 3 workouts a week during the silly season, you’ll rack up 12 sessions before the end of the year. If you can make it 5 times a week, that’s 20 workouts.

All of which will mean you won’t feel nearly as guilty if you start to slack off at the end of January…