Proposal for S-Plates to be given to elderly drivers

One of Australia’s largest insurance firms is calling for elderly drivers to be given “S-Plates” to potentially minimise the amount of senior driving deaths.

The proposal comes as The Herald Sun revealed fifty drivers aged from 49-85 died behind the wheel of moving vehicles between 2013 and 2014.

Now, Insurance firm QBE  is proposing a system similar to probationary licences for elderly, at-risk drivers.


Using a black-box device in vehicles, the proposed opt-in system would score senior motorists.

The technology could restrict the time of day or night the senior motorists drive and could possibly keep them restricted to their local area.

QBE spokesman Frank Peppard told the Herald Sun that the system “will save lives”.


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Considering the fact that the government states I am able to work and i pay for my license and rego and insurance I think this is very degradating to older people.
I do however agree there are elderly people who should not have a license.
The current medical does not truely assess the driving capability.

Where is Your HEAD at. You are just another person that thinks you’ve reached the USED BY DATE. We should be looking at Parliamentarians and check to see if they can still think or Better yet yourself

I would also like D plates for anybody with a drink drive conviction and R plates for repeat offenders of speeding or drive while suspend. And there are so many other letters that could be used as well.

How about letting us know how many aged 70 – 85 died in that time frame, because surely you aren’t calling some one between the ages of 49 – 59 senior, I can tell you they would be most offended. Also give us the stats on 17 – 30 yrs now there is a problem age

well said

17-30 has its issues, but they have a more up to date version of the road rules than many at 40+

Hell, my 59yo mother-in-law, who is a decent driver, didn’t know that you can overtake a car on the left in a two way street when it is turning right (and safe to do so). My father-in-law who is 5 or 6 years younger knew that you could. I was passed by a older middle aged gent on a 80km/h road – I was in the right hand lane, travelling. He abused me about it, but if you look at the road rules I was doing nothing wrong. 90+ or signed to = keep left. Less than 90, I’ll use the right hand lane if I please.

The road rules are being updated constantly. I support mandatory 5 year theory testing for drivers. Why? Because some people have 50yo road rule knowledge, some have 6 month old road rule knowledge. The crowd at middle age (I am 30 myself) and older needs to, respectfully, shut the hell up about the younger drivers. We all know they are risk takers and there is legislation to alleviate risks to themselves and others. You can’t legislate against stupid though and there are plenty of those at all age levels.