Prostate Cancer in the News


On ABC news this week there was a segment on prostate cancer. The first night they talked about the poor survival rate for those who accepted treatment. It was a prospect that would not encourage me even if I did know that odds were worse than playing Russian roulette.

The second night they talked about how for some it made sense to do nothing. That in many cases the cancer grows so slow that it is best to leave it alone, and hope for the best.


Nothing was said about the thousands who have adopted Natural Hygiene in one form or another and been completely healed of Prostate Cancer.

When you stop causing prostate cancer, like most other diseases, it will simply go away.

Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. Removing all animal products, and anything else that would cause an acid condition in the body, puts the body back in control. When the body is in control it can destroy the cancer cells all on its own.

The reason for the poor survival rates, for prostate cancer patients following the medical way to health, is that the drugs destroy the bodies defense systems. Without our defense system at peak efficiency, how can we expect a good outcome?

It makes more sense to build up the bodies defense system so it can do the job God intended, destroy the cancer, and heal the body.


Source by Charles Snyder