Protect your home and family with these simple bushfire ready tips

Sunshine Coast residents have been under the threat of bushfires for the past few weeks, but a majority of Queenslanders have not thought about how they would stay safe this bushfire season.

Research carried out by the RACQ showed 62 per cent of people had not considered how they would handle this high-risk period.

“This year, with unseasonably warm and dry conditions, bushfires are arriving earlier,” RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said.


“In recent weeks a bushfire at Caloundra burnt through 700 hectares of land,” she added.

“We’re approaching the peak period for bushfires in Queensland and it’s shocking to see so many Queenslanders have not thought about what they’d do if their property came under bushfire threat.”

Clearing gutters, trimming trees and removing possible ‘fuel’ around the house are just a few ways to be bushfire ready.

It’s also important to prepare your family and come up with a bushfire plan that outlines what you’ll do in an emergency.

RACQ’s top tips for bushfire preparedness:
• Prepare a bushfire survival plan
• Mow the lawn regularly
• Remove dry grass, dead leaves and branches from yards
• Move any flammable items such as wood piles away from the house
• Trim low-lying branches
• Keep gutters clear of leaf litter
• Know the fire risk in your local area
• Check and adhere to local fire restrictions.