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Protective father’s hilarious photo with daughters boyfriend goes viral

A teenage girl’s father is reminding her boyfriend about who’s boss in a hilarious way.

Ricarra Schock and her boyfriend were posing for pre-homecoming photos outside the family’s Wisconsin home when her dad Benjamin decided he wanted to re-create the image to ‘prove a point’.

The father pushed aside his 15-year-old daughter and imitated the couple’s pose.


The daughters mother Sharee posted the photo to her Facebook page, with the caption –  “My husband is a big-hearted teddy bear, so it was his way of being silly with a pinch of ‘I’m watching you. buddy,’”

“We hope that above anything else this picture shows the love and protective nature of a dad with his little girl, but in a playful and not-so-intimidating manner.”

The photograph has since gone viral with more than three million views.

PHOTO: Sharee Schock Photogoraphy

PHOTO: Sharee Schock Photogoraphy