Protesters attempt to storm Queensland parliament

The Queensalnd Parliament is now in lockdown on police advice, after protesters attempted to storm the building.

It’s part of a seemingly nationwide protest against mandatory vaccination and covid restrictions, which has seen crowds gather at council buildings all over the place.

The Speaker interrupted the Queensland sitting just moments ago, saying he’d been made away of a protest happening outside, that had threatened the safety of the building.


“As a precautionary measure, Queensland police has advised that the precinct should be locked down until the protest activity has ceased,” Speaker Curtis Pitt told Parliament.

“I’ve directed the implementation of this advice.

“This includes no access in or out of the precinct during the lockdown period and further advice will be provided as it comes to hand,” he said.

Hundreds are still stationed outside the Gold Coast Chambers, forcing staff to lock the building while the council meets.

It’s understood that similar protests are happening at other council buildings around the Southeast., as well as over the border in Byron Bay.

Protests remain peaceful so far.

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