Protestors to march outside Gold Coast circus

A PROTEST opposing circuses using exotic animals will be held outside the Stardust Circus in Southport on Sunday afternoon.

Coast to Coast Animal Friends are joining with Gold Coast residents in an attempt to show the City of Gold Coast that circuses with exotic animals don’t belong in the city.

Recently, the organisation supported Gold Coast Councillors that attempted to put the ‘Exotic Animals in Circuses on Council Land Ban” back on the agenda at the Council meeting on March 11th.


The idea was blocked by Mayor Tom Tate.

Coast to Coast Animal Friends, Gold Coast Event & Campaign Coordinator Jeanette Peterson said ‘they would hold a protest of a different kind, one that embraces the positive elements of the circus whilst condemning the out dated and cruel practice of the slavery of Exotic Animals, for human entertainment.’

‘Coast to Coast Animal Friends strongly appose the use of animals in circuses. Animals should not be paraded around and made to perform unnatural and demeaning tricks for human entertainment,’ says Ms Peterson.

‘Travelling circuses are especially concerning due to the additional stress the animals suffer by being confined to trailers and trucks for days at a time and sometimes extreme weather conditions.’

‘We would like people to think compassionately about how they want their children to view the world and the human and non-human animals we share it with,” she added.

Stardust Circus claims they sent an invitation to Coast to Coast to visit their animals and see how they’re kept.

Coast to Coast claims such an invitation was never received.

The demonstration will be on from 3-5pm today in Mitchell Park, Southport.