PSST! There’s rumours this VERY popular chocolate is making a comeback…

Remember Caramilk? The deliciously sweet caramel flavoured white chocolate we were blessed with last year only to have it taken away from us…

Well, in news that will be sure to make your day, week, month, year – it appears the chocolate gods have answered our prayers, with rumours Caramilk is set to return to supermarket shelves.

According to Facebook page The Grocery Geek, Cadbury will be relaunching the heavenly choccie block either late this month or early next month!!!!!!!


“It is strongly rumoured that Cadbury is re-releasing its very popular Caramilk later this month…. stay tuned! – thanks to ‘S’ for the heads-up” they wrote alongside a photo of the popular caramel chocolate.

It’s sparked huge conversation online, with hundreds of people expressing their excitement.

“Definitely true I ordered a fair bit of stock for my shop today. Will be on special for $2.40 a block early September At all IGA’s,” one person commented on the Facebook post.

“Looks like the crazy is gonna start again” wrote another.

A spokesperson for Cadbury Australia did not confirm or deny the reports when asked about the rumours.

But we have the following to say on this very important matter: