Psychic medium Debbie Malone: “I’m the biggest skeptic!”

In her new book Always With You (Rockpool Publishing $29.99), acclaimed psychic medium Debbie Malone shares some of the readings she’s done over the years. A powerful collection of experiences with the other side, her new book offers messages of love, loss and reconnection, and provides a fascinating insight as to what lies ahead in the world beyond. We interviewed her about her new book, and some of the stand-out stories within.

I’m the biggest skeptic ever – I didn’t want to be doing this work! I fell into it by accident, something I talk about in my first book, Clues from Beyond. That’s why when people say they don’t really believe in this, I say, ‘I get it, I understand’. I’ve always been very skeptical, but I have also always been very open-minded to the possibility that we are protected from above.

I once did a reading for a man from England. His mum had died of pancreatic cancer last year, and even though he was not much of a believer [in the work I do], he came along after a friend convinced him to. His mum was telling me all these things about peony roses, where they were in his house, that type of thing. He said, ‘How do you know my house looks like that – how do you know these details, only mum and I know that?’ He’s a believer now! It’s lovely to know that his mum is still there, and keeping an eye on him.


Why do good things happen to bad people? I question this all the time. The hardest and most heartbreaking part of the work I do is meeting with people who have experienced great tragedies. I did a reading for a beautiful woman at the beginning of the year. She’d fallen pregnant with twins, and when she was seven months pregnant, she delivered and they only lived a few hours. I could see these two beautiful little girls in spirit, and they were rubbing her belly, telling me another baby is coming soon. I said, “You’ll be pregnant by Easter.” I made her a special memorialised piece of jewelry and when she came to pick it up 4 weeks later, she told me the exciting news: she was pregnant again.

Some of the stories in the book were unfolding as I was writing the book, especially the one with my son Blake. It’s a story about his past life. It came about by accident, really; he’s always talked about the army, even from the age of 2, he would talk about seeing the men with arms and legs missing – it was quite terrifying! He’s now 24, but he’s been talking about the Army his entire life. He always wanted to be a gunner.

One day I was researching my grandfather’s war records. My grandfather is Bernhard Ernest G, and I came across a record for Walter Ernest G – he was born on my son’s birthday, exactly 100 years before. He was discharged from the Army on my birthday. I tracked him further back, and discovered he was actually born in Randwick and was interred in an unmarked grave just near my office in Sydney. My son Blake then went under hypnosis, and he discovered memories of being Walter. He actually saw himself on the battlefield, trying to find his mates during World War I. It’s incredible to make these kinds of connections with loved ones – you never know what’s going to come out!

The biggest message I want people to take away from the book is the fact that we’re never really alone. Our loved ones will always get your attention. Our guardian angels are there – I’ve had many adventures when travelling, and my angels have saved me. One time in particular, I went in a helicopter and we had to make an emergency landing, after the helicopter malfunctioned. I believe my guardian angel saved us that day. Our loved ones are always with us – their love never dies.