How a psychic medium helped bring Kiesha’s killers to justice

Debbie Malone is a spirit medium who, for the last two decades, has assisted police departments across Australia with missing persons and murder investigations.

When we interviewed Debbie, she shared how her extraordinary gifts as a psychic, clairvoyant and medium helped her gain insights into the devastating backpacker murders.

But there was another case she became involved in, one that deeply affected her.


It was the case of young Kiesha Weippeart (also known as Kiesha Abrahams).

A client booked a reading with Debbie, and unbeknownst to Debbie, that person was a family member of Kiesha’s. She visited Debbie soon after the little girl disappeared and sadly, Debbie immediately knew the six-year-old had passed.

“She was in my office; I could see her as clearly as if she was in the room with me,” Debbie says.

“Her relative had given me her Dora hat to tune in to. I have a lot of angels in my office, with a huge fairy tree, and Kiesha loved fairies and butterflies. Before long, she was running back and forth to the tree. After her relative left, they left the hat behind on a seat in my office, and I went to run a workshop to help people develop their psychic awareness in the next room.”

During the workshop, Debbie and the rest of her group could hear whistling coming from her office.

“We kept hearing this whistling sound – like the sound of sucking air in. There were about 10 people in my main office and I asked them, can you hear that? I went into the room and when I would whistle, she would whistle back,” Debbie explains.

“I’ve actually discovered on my phone that I can film spirits, so I grabbed my phone and started to film the hat. Very clearly, there is a bright orb flying back and forth around it.”

Being a mother herself, Debbie was determined to help bring Kiesha’s murderers to justice. Immediately, she says, she knew that Kiesha’s mother and stepfather were responsible.

She asked Kiesha where she was, and she showed Debbie that she was in bushland, near water. She shared many more details with Debbie – including the repeated image of a BMX bike – all of which helped the police eventually find Kiesha’s remains.

“When I was working on the case, her family brought some photographs for me to hold. She looked so well and happy and like a normal little girl in the photos, and it was because she was in foster care at the time, not in the care of her mother,” Debbie says.

After Kiesha’s murder, court documents revealed that DOCS had received various reports from neighbours and family members of injuries to Kiesha.

“When some of her family had come to see me, they were searching the ends of the earth to find her. They showed me how much love they had for her,” Debbie says.

“These people, her relatives, were really lovely people and they had this desperation of wanting to find her.”

Kiesha’s energy was sweet and playful, and Debbie says she followed her home while she was working on her case.

“They’ll often follow me home or come with me to the gym, when I go for a walk or swimming, wherever I go. It can affect my health, but I have a great kinesiologist and naturopath,” she says.

“All of my police work is done pro bono; it’s not about making money. It’s about working with the police if I’m asked. If I can help out in a small way, I’m willing to put myself through whatever I need to, if I can help.”

Read all about Debbie’s fascinating experiences helping to solve crimes across the country in her latest book, Clues From Beyond.