Public health alert for Qld flights as hundreds forced to isolate

Hundreds of people who flew into Queensland on the first day of the state reopening will be forced to spend Christmas in quarantine after two flights were identified as exposure sites.

An infected person flew from Newcastle to Brisbane on Monday then on to Townsville where they tested positive.

All passengers on the two flights are considered close contacts and will have to get tested and remain isolated for 14 days.


The affected flights are Virgin Flight VA1105 from Newcastle to Brisbane between 12.03pm AEDT and 12.15pm AEST on Monday and Virgin Flight VA375 from Brisbane to Townsville between 2.05pm and 4.14pm.

Areas of Brisbane and Townsville Airports have also been listed as casual contact sites.

It comes as the list of exposure sites across Queensland continues to grow.

Two flights from Sydney to Brisbane and Melbourne to Brisbane on Saturday before borders reopened have also been identified.

Virgin Flight VA313 left Melbourne at 8.06am and landed in Brisbane at 9.13am on Saturday.

Passengers in rows 17 to 21 are considered close contacts and will be forced to quarantine for 14 days while all other passengers are considered casual contacts.

Qantas Flight QF536 from Sydney to Brisbane between 4.13pm AEDT and 6.07pm AEST is also listed.

Passengers in rows 15 to 19 have been identified as close contacts while all others are considered casual contacts.

A number of venues in Goondiwindi have also been listed as exposure sites on Monday and Tuesday.