Public transport changes for Gold Coast

A bunch of changes to Gold Coast public transport are being rolled out from today.

More than 200 extra daily train services are being added across South-east Queensland, following an overhaul of the train timetable.

There’ll be more trains available during the peak times on the Gold Coast in a bid to ease conditions on the so-called ‘Bombay Express’.


However, many bus passengers have been fearing the introduction of a ‘simplified’ network west of the M1.

There’ll be more bus services between the heavy rail and light rail (which won’t be up and running until mid-year).

The Translink website claims the changes will see simplified bus services along the Gold Coast Highway and improved services to the new Health and Knowledge Precinct (Griffith University and the Gold Coast University Hospital).

It also trumpets an additional service connecting Nerang and the Gold Coast University Hospital, improved frequency on services that connect Robina, Bond University and Broadbeach and improved service coverage in Coomera.

But Gaven MP Dr Alex Douglas has hit back at the claims.

He believes the elderly, disabled and students will be hardest hit with services cut to Yarrimbah Drive and Dugandan Street, with no buses on the weekend.

“A bus stop outside YMCA Housing in Railway Av has been removed, leaving 118 tenants, many elderly and disabled, without a close service,” Dr Douglas said.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said the new timetables were simpler and easier to use, and were are result of a long review and public feedback.

“Hardly anyone was using those bus services. I’ve seen cases where there’s a handful of people using maybe 80 bus services in a week,” Mr Emerson said.

“We can’t afford to do that where other people are crying out for additional services, where the demand is very strong.”

For train timetable details visit the translink website.