Pull on your swim ‘suit’ for quirky photo shoot during Festival 2018

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting dressed in a business suit, grabbing your briefcase and phone and running into the beach, here’s your opportunity.

Locals and visitors can take part in a quirky photoshoot as part of the upcoming Festival 2018 during the Commonwealth Games.

Globally renowned Australian surrealist artist Andrew Baines needs 40 participants for his Water Cooler Games art work.


On April 8, the group will race along the sand at Broadbeach, wade into the ocean, and have an award ceremony before posing for a photograph, which will be turned into a painting by the Mr Baines.

Participants from all levels of experience are welcome and can walk, jog or run with everyone becoming a winner of this race receiving a medal on completion.

A quirky photo shoot will take place at Broadbeach during Festival 2018.
Photo credit | Andrew Baines

Festival 2018 Gold Coast Co-Creative Director Kate Fell says Water Cooler Games will give viewers an “amusing surprise.”

“Andrew Baines is one of those artists who creates incredibly fun work that is inspiring on many levels – from his ability to create these zany photoshoots to his commentary on the slavery of office cubicles and corporate culture,” Ms Fell said in a statement.

Famous for his trademark surrealist style, Baines puts politicians, orchestras, cows, Hills Hoists, dachshunds and masses of suited volunteers in the sea for photoshoots.

To register as a participant or for further details, email julianne@festival2018.org.au