Pup makes miracle recovery after being set on fire, fed drugs

Four youths have pleaded guilty to the horrifying abuse of a chihuahua puppy – one of the most disturbing cases an RSPCA inspector has ever seen.

The teen boys, three aged 16 and one aged 15, admitted to kicking and punching the chihuahua cross, named Chunky, before breaking his leg and neck, setting him on fire, feeding him drugs and dumping him near a rubbish tip

Chunky was less than a year old when he was stolen from his London home by the gang of teenagers on February 23.


A passerby discovered the seriously injured pup a day later near the rubbish tip and he was taken into the care of the RSPCA.

Miraculously, Chunky survived the horrifying and brutal ordeal and has now been reunited with his owner.

The boys pleaded guilty to the charge of cruelly ill-treating the animal in a way which they knew would cause him to suffer unnecessarily.

They were disqualified from keeping any animal for a five year period and ordered to pay $17,000 between them.