Push to make COVID jabs mandatory for aged care workers

The Prime Minister has confirmed talks are underway to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all aged care workers across the country.

Speaking from Canberra, Scott Morrison revealed he and other National Cabinet leaders agreed to an “in-principle disposition” to move toward making the coronavirus jab mandatory, in a bid to protect our most vulnerable.

“We are leaning heavily into this, make no mistake, we are leaning heavily into this as government and myself as Prime Minister to see a move towards mandatory vaccination for aged care workers,” Mr Morrison said.


The Federal Government is now seeking clarity from the AHPPC as to how this can be achieved safely.

“We have had further advice from the AHPPC to advise how the can be done including a timeline of how that can be achieved and will be waiting for such advice,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr Morrison said a public health order would need to be put in place by states in order for the vaccines to be made mandatory.

“The vaccinations to be made mandatory, for aged care workers, that has to be done by public health orders as it’s done for flu vaccinations and followed by states and territories,” he said.

“Ultimately, that is finally a determination of the states and territories.”

Meantime, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has confirmed aged care workers will have to report where they received their COVID-19 jab from June 15.

“I have taken the decision which has been done in consultation with the aged care sector to make mandatory from 15th June the reporting of all aged care worker vaccination,” Mr Hunt said.

“We have asked all facilities to step forward and it will be mandatory for them where an aged care worker has been vaccinated outside the facility to provide the information so we have full accounting of every facility and every aged care worker.”

Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly said it’s extremely important those who work in aged care continue to get vaccinated.

“It is important to understand that we are all wanting to protect our most vulnerable Australians,” he said.

“I would join the Prime Minister and all Premiers and Chief Ministers today and really ask all aged care workers to go and get vaccinated.

“We need to and we are making that access as easy as possible.”