Putin claims Turkey shot down jet to protect oil

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Turkey shot down a Russian warplane last week because it wanted to protect supplies of oil from Islamic State.

Speaking at the UN climate change conference in Paris on Monday, Putin added the decision to shoot down the plane was a “huge mistake” and that he had not met Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, despite them both being in the French capital.

“We have received additional data which confirm that Islamic State oil … enters the territory of Turkey,” Putin said. “The decision to shoot down the plane was dictated specifically by a desire to defend supplies.”


Erdogan has called claims that Turkey buys oil from Islamic State “slander”.

Relations between Russia and Turkey have nosedived since Turkey shot down the Russian bomber near the Syrian-Turkish border on November 24. Meanwhile, Turkish officials remain adamant the jet violated their airspace near the Syrian border and had been warned ten times to leave or they would be shot.

Putin on Saturday signed a decree imposing economic sanctions on Turkey, while Erdogan has said Turkey will not apologise over the incident.

On Monday Russia said the ban would be mainly of agricultural products and it might expand the sanctions if needed.