Putrid whale carcass being cleared from Port Macquarie beach

A rotting 20-tonne carcass of a Humpback whale has been chopped up and partially removed from a Northern New South Wales beach after being buried last week.

Authorities dug up the corpse and used a crane to shift parts of the rancid body into skips, which were then winched 60 metres up an escarpment before being trucked to landfill.

The stench will linger a little longer for locals, the last of the remains won’t be hauled away until tomorrow.


The whole process has triggered a battle between the community and the council which buried the whale at Nobby’s Beach.

Locals were concerned sharks would be attracted to the beach as the carcass decomposed and leeched into the water.

The whale died from exhaustion after becoming entangled in fishing nets earlier this month.

The State Government is contributing $50,000 to the removal.