Qantas brings back popular “MYSTERY” flights for Aussies

If you’re someone who loves adventure and isn’t afraid to book a flight without knowing the final destination – then this is for you.

Qantas has announced they’re bringing back their popular mystery flights for a limited time only, so now is the perfect time to add some thrill to your life!

“By popular demand and for a limited time only, we’re bringing back the mystery flight with a twist,” the airline giant said.


“We’ll operate a series of exclusive Mystery Flight adventures where you book a flight without knowing what destination you’ll end up in until you join 120 others on a surprise adventure day outing.”

The destination will only be revealed as the aircraft begins to touch down.

“You could be sipping chardonnay amongst the grapevines of an award-winning vineyard, dipping your toes in the turquoise waters of a tropical island, or enjoying country hospitality at its finest. Whatever you end up doing, it will involve a scrumptious lunch,” Qantas said.

However, there is a catch, with the mystery flights only available from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The flights will leave Brisbane on March 27, Sydney on April 18 and Melbourne on May 1. The plane will take off at 7am and return sometime in the early evening.

Qantas last offered mystery flights back in the 1990s, where passengers would arrive at the airport and be placed on a scheduled flight to a surprise destination.

“Our new mystery flight adventures will offer a private charter Qantas B737 flight to and from the surprise location and a tailored itinerary on the ground to ensure you get the most out of your day trip,” Qantas said of the new mystery adventure flights.

“We’re working behind the scenes to create some truly wonderful experiences both on the ground and in the air.”

Tickets go on sale at midday tomorrow, and will be on offer until sold out – so first in, best dressed!

For more information, click here.

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Yep and pick up your free Covid variant on the plane!
Chinese, UK, South African or Russian, the mystery is which one will you get!