Qantas plane diverted after cabin lost pressure mid-flight

Qantas passengers have had a horrific experience this morning, after the cabin became depressurised during flight.

Flight QF706 from Adelaide to Canberra had to be diverted to Melbourne, after the cabin pressure was compromised and breathing became difficult for passengers.

It’s believed that passengers heard a large bang at the back of the aeroplane about an hour into the flight, before being instructed to use oxygen masks which dropped from the ceiling.


The plane had to drop 15,000 feet to make breathing easier for passengers, which was accomplished in just 5 minutes.

The passengers were then instructed to remove the masks, and could breathe normally.

Qantas says its pilots followed standard procedure throughout the incident.

The plane then touched down safely at Melbourne around 8.00am, approximately 40 minutes after the initial bang.

Passengers have praised the airline for its ‘professionalism’ during the whole debacle.

Engineers are currently examining the aircraft in Melbourne.