QAS urges parents to be vigilant these holidays

The Queensland Ambulance Service is urging parents to keep a close eye on young children these Christmas holidays, with paramedics called to over 47,500 serious incidents involving children aged 10 and under this year.

Comprising close to 15 per cent of all incidents, falls were the most common non-medical call-out paramedics attended in 2015.

This was followed by vehicle related trauma which may include being hit by a vehicle, falling from a bicycle or getting a finger caught in a car door. Other traumas such as fractures were the third highest non-medical incident paramedics were called to.


South-East Queensland provider of early education and active centres, AMAZE Education, caters to more than 1,500 children each week during the school holiday period.

General Manager Lucy Cook said families find injuries are more common this time of year with the extra play time children enjoy.

“It’s important we don’t wrap our children in cotton wool but instead help them safely explore their individual limits and abilities, helping to know their bodies and avoid the increased risk of accident,” she said.

Top three non-medical incidents involving children 0-10 years in 2015:
1. Falls
2. Vehicle related trauma
3. Other traumatic cause