Qld and NSW refusing to compromise on border talks

It’s not looking good for the border situation between Gold Coast and Tweed, with state governments still yet to reach an agreement.

Officials from Queensland and New South Wales have been heavily involved in resolution talks since Sunday, trying to get essential Tweed workers into Queensland.

The last position made public was that Queensland wanted to move the border checkpoints south to the Tweed River.


However, New South Wales has consistently rejected that idea, instead demanding that Queensland simply expand its list of people who are allowed to cross the checkpoints, as well as standing up more crossings.

It seems neither side is willing to compromise, as the clock ticks for the struggling Tweed community which is now in its second week of lockdown and lock-out.

Talks are expected to continue today, with both sides wanting a resolution before there are Covid cases in the Tweed.

The situation took a turn for the worst this week, with the Queensland government green-lighting the arrival of 100 wives and girlfriends of NRL players to arrive in Brisbane from Sydney.

That’s despite keeping thousands of Queenslanders out of the state because the hotel quarantine system is full.

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