QLD Attorney General to fight Baden-Clay appeal after shock ruling

Victims of domestic violence have been failed. Allison has been failed. Queenslanders, Australians, children, sisters and brothers have been failed.

In a shock judgement delivered on Tuesday, convicted wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay had his conviction of murder downgraded to manslaughter.

In the judgement, the Queensland Court of Appeal said while Baden-Clay lied about the cause of scratches on his face and tried to hide his wife’s body, he did not act with murderous intent when he killed the mother of his three children at their Brisbane home in April 2012.



The ruling means Baden-Clay’s lawyers were successful when they argued that the former real estate agent panicked and ‘unintentionally’ killed Allison during an argument over his infidelity.

In a statement released shortly after the appeal court decision, Allison’s family said they were disappointed.

“The family of Allison are disappointed by today’s Court of Appeal decision, and remain supportive of the original findings of the court,” the Dickie family statement read.

“They await the legal process to play out in the hope that justice for Allison will be served.”

Allison’s cousin Jodie Dann told Nine News this morning that the legal system is failing women and children suffering domestic violence.

“I think the legal system that we are working with today fails a lot of women and children who are being killed and living in domestic and family violence,” Ms Dunn said.

“I think that really causes a lot of people who don’t or are not educated in domestic and family violence to not understand what is actually really going on behind closed doors.”

Ms Dann said her family, who are now taking care of Allison’s three children, would continue to fight for justice.

“We have to continue, because that’s what Allison would have wanted,” she said.

“We obviously don’t want to see him walking the streets within the next couple of years.”

The downgrading of Baden-Clay’s charge means he could be released from prison within a few years.

However last night QLD Attorney General Cameron Dick announced he is seeking legal advice on an appeal against the Court of Appeal’s decision.