Qld authorities remain cautious despite no new coronavirus cases

Queensland authorities are quietly confident they’ve stopped a potential coronavirus outbreak, but remain cautious ahead of what they’ve labelled a ‘crucial’ week for the state.

It comes after thousands of tests was carried out over the weekend, particularly in aged care facilities across the southeast.

There are still just five cases linked to the Logan cluster, which started with three women who lied about recently returning from Melbourne.


There are 12 active cases within the state.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says it’s good news, but this next week will be ‘crucial’.

“That’s wonderful news, but as we say, this week is crucial, and we want people to come forward and get tested if they have any symptoms.

“We have 12 active cases, so that takes over total to 1085, and in the last 24 hours 7482 people have come forward to be tested.

“I can also confirm today that all 105 residents in the Bolton clerk aged care home have been tested. I think yesterday we said one person had not been tested.

“The whole lot have been completed now, and they are negative, and I want to thank Doctor Young for meeting with the families of concerned residents yesterday,” the Premier said. 

The Queensland government has now indicated it will push national cabinet for enforce mandatory hotel quarantine for return overseas travellers, after a man tested positive over the weekend after returning through Sydney to the Sunshine Coast.

“I think now is the time for overseas travellers to definitely go into mandatory hotel quarantine. 

“There have been some exemptions. I don’t think the time is right now for those exemptions. However, that is going to be a matter for the Chief Health Officer is around the country to look at, and I want to put that on the agenda for national cabinet to look at as well.

“I don’t think we need any elements of risk at the moment when we are dealing with this global pandemic, and if we can close off any of those loopholes, it will keep everyone safe,” the Premier said. 

While, the NRL will now look to reduce capacity by 1,000 at the Sunshine Coast stadium, after crowds were photographed not social distancing at a game over the weekend.

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Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young says there will be a review.

“I think people responded really well, but I think we need to go and review that, because it’s hard to maintain social distancing when you are sitting on the ground, and I saw people who were trying to do that. 

“They were on separate rugs for separate household groups. But we will have to have another look at that. The NRL and the venue managers have been fantastic and working with us, because everyone wants to make every encounter out there in Queensland as safe as it can possibly be.

“So if everyone can also themselves think about how they can make themselves as safe as they can be, because ultimately we want our society to keep going as much as possible, we want our schools to remain open, we want our shopping centres to remain open, we want our sporting facilities – everything,” Doctor Young said.