Qld authorities remain quiet on what happens at 70 and 80 percent vaccination

Queensland authorities insist there isn’t enough vaccination data to predict when the state can look at opening up borders and easing restrictions further.

As New South Wales passes the 80 per cent double dose vaccination rate, and Victoria approached the 70 per cent double dose mark, both states are preparing to ease restrictions further this week.

Queensland, sitting on just over 55 per cent of the eligible population full vaccinated, still won’t give any incentives as to what we can look forward to at the 70 or 80 per cent double vaccination mark.


Deputy Premier Steven Miles says as soon as there’s something to announce, the government will announce it.

“We don’t know when we’ll hit those targets yet, we absolutely need Queenslanders to go out and get their first dose,” Mr Miles said.

“We’re not yet at 80 per cent first dose, and so that makes it very hard to predict when we’ll get to 80 per cent second dose.

“Now that we’re over 70 per cent first dose, that gives us some confidence about when we’ll get to 70 per cent second dose.

“But that’s why we need Queenslanders to go out now and get vaccinated so that we can anticipate when we will meet those thresholds,” The Deputy Premier said in this morning’s press conference.

It comes as various Bunnings stores around Queensland host pop up vaccine clinics this weekend, in the hopes of targeting people who might not visit the pharmacy or GP.

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young says it’s been a terrific success already, maintaining that no restrictions will be eased until everyone’s had the opportunity to get vaccinated.

“Yesterday, our 33 Bunnings sites across the state did over 4-thousand vaccines, 4,111.

“And a vast majority of those, over 2,800 of those were first doses, which is really really important,” Doctor Young said.

There were once again no new cases of coronavirus diagnosed in Queensland overnight.