Qld bank employees save customers life with CPR

When Lawrence Forbes attended his National Australia Bank (NAB) branch at Beaudesert on June 23, he was hoping the bank tellers would help him withdraw some money. Instead they saved his life.

Lawrence was filling out a form at the bank when he suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing.

NAB staff jumped into action, calling Triple Zero and conducting CPR thanks to the instructions given over the phone by an Emergency Medical Dispatcher.


Lawrence was in a serious condition and transferred to Logan Hospital and then on to the Princess Alexandra Hospital where he had a stent implanted in his heart and spent several days in an induced coma.

Beaudesert Acting Officer-in-Charge Michael Sweeney said Lawrence is very lucky to be alive.

“It took paramedics more than 40 minutes to revive Lawrence by conducting CPR as well as shocking him 10 times with a defibrillator,” he said.

“Without the initial CPR that was conducted by bank staff prior to the arrival of paramedics, Lawrence’s outcome could have been much different.

“We are all very surprised that he is out of hospital doing so well after such a prolonged resuscitation.

“This case is a good example that early effective bystander CPR saves lives and anyone can do it.”