QLD BORDER | Here’s what changes at the border crossings from tomorrow

Gold Coast police are predicting more delays at border checkpoints from tomorrow, when changes to Queensland’s border restrictions are brought in.

From 1.00am all of regional New South Wales will be allowed back into the Sunshine State, while the Greater Sydney area and the whole of Victoria will still be considered hotspots.

Queensland Police have had just a couple of days to work through operations at the checkpoints.


The border zone, which extends just south of Byron Bay, will be completely lifted. While the border X-pass for locals will be phased out.

Instead, anyone coming into Queensland for non-essential reasons (ie, not freight or emergency services), will have to apply for the ‘G pass’.

The ‘G-pass’ declares that the person coming into Queensland hasn’t been to any of the 32 local government areas in Greater Sydney or Victoria within the last 14 days.

Anyone who crosses the border regularly will need to update the ‘G-pass’ every two weeks instead of every week.

Those already holding a valid X-pass or G-pass will still be allowed in until the pass expires, and will just need to get a new ‘G-pass’ the next time they apply.

“People who’ve got a valid and current ‘X-pass’ at the moment, can use it up until its expiration date.

“But of course it’s probably the best idea to go on as soon as you can and get a ‘G-pass’, because that will give you a 14 day expiring,” Gold Coast Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said.

Police are also warning motorists to have patience over the coming days, predicting there will be a few delays at the border crossings.

“We would be expecting people to come up and holiday, and of course there are people who for months and months haven’t been able to visit Queensland or see relatives.

“So we’ll be expecting big volumes of traffic to come in,” Superintendent Wheeler said.

All these changes will come into place on the Queensland Health website from 1.00am tomorrow.